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Large Single Bowl Farmhouse - 795mm

Large Single Bowl Farmhouse - 795mm

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Tap Hole

Large Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink - 795mm

Modern farmhouse kitchen designs personify a rich history, associated with family homes that  for centuries have been the cornerstone of family sustenance.

Bringing food to table, through preparation of produce, facilitating a congregation of creativity and family, making memories with the passing of knowledge and sharing of stories.

The farmhouse sink sits at the centre of all great farmhouse kitchens, and proudly we share with you in every sink we produce, our lineage and knowledge passed through generations of potters , whom to this day still craft authentically  from genuine U.K. fireclay.

Modern day farmhouses have seen a rebirth in the desire to work with fresh local produce, evolving yet revisiting the needs of homes to incorporate commercially re engineered domestic elements, such as the deep fireclay bowls that allow for large cast iron pans and pots to be washed within.

Faucets with triggers are now highly demanded items and showcase the fusion of commercial and farmhouse perfectly, allowing for directed spray without compromising the depth of bowl, giving versatility and function without aesthetic compromise.

To celebrate this beautiful farmhouse look, we have been inspired to package the two elements together and offer a free faucet with every deep bowl farmhouse sink purchased (Pictured) in the month of July.

To view the farmhouse sink pictured please visit the product page (LINK), or visit one of our showrooms.

We look forward to working with you as your farmhouse sink specialist.


Farmhouse Sink 795 x 500 x 220

Available with or without tap hole.

U.K. Fireclay

Stain Resistant

15 Year Thermal Shock Warranty





795 x 500 x 220mm


30 Years




UK Fireclay

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