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farmhouse sinks

Farmhouse Sink - Microfiber Cloth

Farmhouse Sink - Microfiber Cloth

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Specifically designed to tackle the challenging spots and grime found on your fireclay sink, the Savile Row Microfiber Cloth is a powerful cleaning tool.

The Savile Row Microfiber Cloth is uniquely gentle yet effective, ensuring it removes stains and dirt without disturbing the elegant glaze of your fireclay sink.

To utilize its full potential, simply dampen the cloth, apply our Cleaning Spray or Cleaning Paste, and delicately massage it onto the problematic area. Witness as the embedded stains are instantly lifted, unveiling the true, pristine white glow of your fireclay sink.

Suggested Usage - Use regularly, as necessary, or when those unsightly spots begin to form. Keep your fireclay sink looking as good as new with the Savile Row Microfiber Cloth.

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