Happy New Year - Welcome To 2022 !

Posted by Andrew Shaw on

Farmhouse Sinks wishes our team and yours a happy, safe, fun, productive and prosperous new year.

Renovating this year, even more than in previous years, will be all about planning.

Planning what you want and how you want it to look.

Planning your budget.

But more so .

Planning your trades and materials.

This year more than any prior, will see materials become more expensive as inflationary effects sweep through the building trade.

Scarce as supply continues to be reduced in COVID effected manufacturing areas.

Extended Delivery times as local and global logistics become further disjointed.

All in all it will be a challenging time for all involved in the supply chain.

Challenging times birth ingenious solutions , and force tenacity, to work around glitches in even the best of plans.

2022 will see, no doubt as a result of the unique conditions we face some ingenious and magnificent farmhouse designs.

We are looking forward to being part of your story this year and you ours. So with that said, happy new year and may we produce together a happy farmhouse for you and yours to love and cherish for years to come.



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