Winter is in the air and to celebrate the retreat of Summer warmth and welcome the cooler Winter months, we have put together a Winter bundle package, for all of those who are building or renovating through the Winter months.

We are excited to unveil our Double Butler Sink Bundle.

The centrepiece of this fantastic bundle is our top-of-the-range Double Butler Fireclay Sink. With dimensions of 800 * 500 * 220, it's an eye-catching statement piece that will transform your kitchen. Its double basin design provides the flexibility to multitask - you can wash dishes in one basin and rinse in the other, or use one side for food preparation and the other for cleaning.

Along with this exquisite sink, we're including TWO free chrome wastes. These waste units have been designed to ensure efficient water flow and easy waste disposal, keeping your kitchen hygienic and clean.

The bundle also includes TWO protective grids. These grids offer an additional layer of protection for your new sink, preventing scratches and dents and ensuring your sink maintains its pristine condition and aesthetic appeal.

Last but not least, you'll receive a premium cleaning product, specifically selected to keep your fireclay sink sparkling clean and looking brand new.

 In summary, our farmhouse "Winter" - Double Butler Fireclay Sink Bundle offers everything you need for a comprehensive kitchen upgrade. You get style, practicality, durability, and, most importantly, tremendous value.


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